Shaper Studios is a tribute to the original California surf shop--a place where local surfers gathered and where boards were made. The first of its kind, Shaper Studios is a DIY surfboard workshop and retail surf shop. There are currently three locations across the West Coast, San Diego (North Park), Costa Mesa, and Vancouver, B.C. But two additional locations can be found in Chile and Montreal. Shaper Studios provides participants with unique access to shaping bays, professional tools, and a wide array of templates. 

Shaper Studios features brands like Poler, Iron & Resin, Vissla, and Raen--all merchandised within an environment that feels like a surfing club house. The boards created at Shaper Studios are all unique, speaking to each user's personal tastes and requirements. After exploring the social media sites for Shaper Studios, one can see the beautiful hues used for dying and tinting the boards--and the creativity within each project. 

Shaper Studios offers a membership program, providing members with unlimited access to the facilities. Novice and advanced surfers alike are welcome to take both group and private shaping lessons. 

Shaper Studios is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to experience this time honored craft--and get a taste of traditional California surf culture. 

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